Creating Fiery and Precise

Since I was 11, making my own album has been my dream! Five years later, that dream has been fulfilled. This could not have been possible without my good old teacher and friend, Jack Sibley. He started me off on the fiddle, and this is where I’ve taken it now.

Also the countless instructors I have had over the years have given me baby steps to lead me where my music has taken me today. A big thanks to my outstanding technical producer, Tim Feswick, who used his magic to create my first album – Fiery and Precise.

A shout out to Vicki Cameron, the phenomenal photographer who captured the photos for the album. And thanks to Karen Gaudet for her great graphic design work.

Thank you to all my friends and family who have given me support throughout the years, and last, but not least, thank you to Mom and Daddy for supporting me all the way no matter what! It is not possible to even begin to thank you two. You have helped me get to this stage. I couldn’t have done it without ya. This album was fun to make, and I hope you enjoy the music, as much as I did making it for you.

Lindsay xox

Fiery and Precise is dedicated to:
Agnes Barron Johnstone and James Arthur Knowles

Fiery and Precise Credits

Lindsay Johnstone: fiddle, bodhran (the goat), and step dancing.
Barry Johnstone: acoustic, 12-string, electric guitars, 5-string bass, drums, bodhran (2nd goat – on ‘Jean’s Reel’)

All tracks traditional, arranged by Lindsay and Barry Johnstone, except: 1 (Richardson), 3 (Panting), 5 (Stobe), 6/2 (Johnstone), 11 (Graham), 13 (Ungar), 14 (Burns/MacKay, MacMillan), 15 (Cann)

Engineering Production: Tim Feswick Studios
Photography: Vicki Cameron – Custom Nature Photography
Graphic Art: Karen Gaudet Graphic Design
CD Tray Artwork: Lindsay Johnstone

Preview Fiery and Precise Tracks

Track #1 – Calliope House – (1:33)

Track #2 – Tam Lin – (1:12)

Track #3 – The Wedding Gift – (2:17)

Track #4 – Jean’s Reel – (2:35)

Track #5 – Val’s Dream – (1:58)

Track #6 – Joe Cooley’s/Midnight Magic – (2:31)

Track #7 – Sweetness of Mary/Miss MacLeod’s Reel – (2:15)

Track #8 – MacArthur Road – (2:14)

Track #9 – Mrs. A. McGlashan’s/Old Dutch Church/Scotch Cove – (2:29)

Track #10 – Laybourn’s Hornpipe – (1:21)

Track #11 – Jennifer MacDonald’s Waltz – (2:50)

Track #12 – Swallow’s Tail – (2:03)

Track #13 – Wizard’s Walk – (1:39)

Track #14 – Spootiscary/Kitchen Criminals – (2:12)

Track #15 – Catharsis – (1:40)

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