Born into a musical family with long Cape Breton roots, Lindsay Johnstone has been playing and studying music since she was three. At six, she took up the fiddle and it was an instant love affair! With fiddle lessons and workshops from some of the best known fiddlers in Atlantic Canada, Lindsay has learned from some of the greatest players in the region, and she is herself now clearly one of the best of a new generation of fiddlers.

She previously has studied classical violin with Anne Rapson and Paul Campbell, which adds yet another dimension to her playing.


She has played local concerts and special events throughout the region, and in Ontario, including riverside main stage concerts at New Glasgow’s “Glasgow Square” Theatre, and at Truro’s Concerts in the Park series. During the summer season, she has also become a crowd favourite at local Farmers Market events.

And also during the summer she’s on the Ferry to Prince Edward Island…

Music on Deck

From age 14, Lindsay has played every summer in the Music on Deck concert series on Northumberland Ferries, becoming a crowd favourite with tourists and local travellers alike, as they sail back and forth to Prince Edward Island.

School Time

Lindsay is a graduate of Saint Francis Xavier University earning an Honours degree with her Subsidiary in Celtic Studies.

The Recording

After every concert, Lindsay has always been asked about recordings, as folks wanted to take some of her great music with them, so…

At 16, she has recorded her first album, Fiery and Precise, at Tim Feswick’s celebrated studio on Nova Scotia’s south shore. Feswick Productions has recorded such notables as Natalie MacMaster, J.P. Cormier, Sons of Maxwell, Lenny Gallant, Crash Test Dummies, and many, many more. In such impressive company, Tim describes Lindsay as “an amazing young fiddler.”

The Sound

Tim Feswick has captured the rich tonal range of Lindsay’s 1895 fiddle, with crystal clear, resonant highs and vibrant deep low tones.

Fiery and Precise features 15 crisp and vibrant tracks. All tracks feature Lindsay’s powerful fiddle as the centre piece. The tunes range from the haunting and evocative “Jennifer MacDonald’s Waltz, (played to perfection with the beautiful tone of her solo violin), to driving Celtic-rock pieces with a full band.

Many of the tracks also have the driving rhythm of Lindsay’s bodhran (that’s the Irish drum, — the “Goat”) accenting the music with just the right pulse. Listen carefully and you’ll even hear Lindsay step dancing! This really is music to get you moving.

The Band

But of course the album is not just fiddle. In addition to Lindsay’s fiddle, bodhran, and step dancing, Fiery and Precise has guitars, bass, and drums.

Those other instruments create just the right compliment to Lindsay’s music and are played by Lindsay’s dad, Barry. The music has that seamless “organic” quality you rarely find outside of a family band.

Why is the album called “Fiery and Precise”?

The title says it all: Lindsay’s music is both totally “wired” with great rock style rhythms underscoring her arrangements, while at the same time, each track is totally respectful of the traditional ornamentations and harmonic intricacy of the Celtic legacy.

It is indeed, both fiery and precise.

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