Born into a musical family with long Cape Breton roots, Lindsay Johnstone has been playing and studying music since she was three. At six, she took up the fiddle and it was an instant love affair! With fiddle lessons and workshops from some of the best known fiddlers in the region, Lindsay has learned from some of the greatest players in the region, and she is herself now clearly one of the best of a new generation of fiddlers.

Her first album – Fiery and Precise features 15 crisp and vibrant tracks. All tracks feature Lindsay’s powerful fiddle as the centre piece. The tunes range from the haunting and evocative Jennifer MacDonald’s Waltz, (played to perfection with the beautiful tone of her solo violin), to driving Celtic-rock pieces with a full band.

Booking Lindsay Johnstone

Lindsay is available for concerts or special events. She has played local concerts and special events delighting audiences throughout the region, and in Ontario. If you’d like to have this lively family-friendly music at your event – see the Contact & Booking page.

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